how many stages of grief?

Exploring this issue that underlies much of my work and I wondered about the instruction of how to deal with loss – funny how we subscribe to a set of instructions to ensure we are grieving adequately! So – is it 5 or 7 stages? Five = denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance Seven = shock/disbelief, […]


Fears of being boring zips heights dying living loss ridiculed whispering Been looking into objects more and thinking how some of the ideas that I want to visualise have a playful toy/like feel to them.  I found the following toys from Japan which have quite strange formations, colours and features mixed up with some human […]

My zip

I remember being about 8 years old, probably still holding onto puppy chubbiness .  Mum was trying to put some second hand navy cord trouser on me. the zip was quite stiff – juddering and sticking as mum tried to zip them up on me the zip loosens, but the motion of pulling it up […]