Degree Show Set Up – more playing

The space is beginning to work together – some pipes work on their own, others talk to each other – there are assemblages of pipes and speakers and solo pieces. I have installed the sound and have played with placement and volume as I didn’t want it to be too overbearing. I have managed to […]



  saw this play by Cardboard Citizens based on Cathy Come Home by Ken Loach (50 years ago) Updated version written by Ali Taylor and invited to Cornwall by St Petrocs – homeless charity based in Truro Really inspiring and emotionally charged play exploring homelessness 50 years on original play Forum Theatre format – so […]



looking into how to make salt into shapes as well as using as temporary installs, carpets, tablecloths etc use the technique (using the net curtain) to create temporary rugs in outdoor places to be walked on Came across Motoi Yamamoto – an artist working with salt – he creates beautiful patterns with the salt.  Any […]


Agent of Salt

agent for a piece of work for Gary Marshall-Stevens Covered in black fabric with a projection overhead, unable to see but just to react with the objects within my reach with the one arm I am able to use the objects included fabric, a metal tin and a pile of salt instinctively I played with […]