I have thought a lot of how I would interpret the Wizard of Oz film into my work – I have already used the final scene when Dorothy wakes back up over the threshold in Kansas in ‘There’s no place like Home‘.

There are many themes and issues of the film that hold my interest with regards Home. Through reading Salman Rushdie’s text thinking of thresholds, doors, windows and a sense of place I have decided to use the moment after the house lands in Oz.  From a raging tornado and house thrown through the sky, Dorothy lands with a huge bump and a meek ‘oh’ from Dorothy.  What follows is a silence before she crosses the threshold from dreary grey Kansas into a technicolour world.  I have slowed down that moment of wonder, adventure and HOPE.  We see Dorothy in close up – with eyes full of escape.

The film will be projected onto a sculpture within the installation