Psycho Buildings and sketches

discovered book: Psycho Buildings – Brian Dillon, Professor Jane Rendell, Ralph Rugoff, 2008 which has some great work by artists in relationship with architecture including Rachel Whiteread, Mike Nelson, Los Carpinteros what interests me is the correlation between emotion and place – inanimate and animate – I reflect back to Hitchcock and the presence and […]


how many stages of grief?

Exploring this issue that underlies much of my work and I wondered about the instruction of how to deal with loss – funny how we subscribe to a set of instructions to ensure we are grieving adequately! So – is it 5 or 7 stages? Five = denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance Seven = shock/disbelief, […]


Sketches & Ideas

Don’t look at Me!!!  I’m shy – from a comedy sketch (Tittybangbang) – want to use the audio and play with either projecting or just sound Wizard of Oz – still researching & thinking about – re read Salman Rushdie’s Wizard of Oz Houses – looking at footmaps and journeys (Deligney) & Isabel Nuno Del […]


Collage sept – dec 2017

This is a selection of the collages that I make as part of my practice The collage help inform my work and thinking. As I create this I am able to reflect and process my thoughts of the objects, film and installation I am working on. They enable me to sometimes realise quick solutions to […]