Memory Game

My research has led me to explore memory in scientific, creative and philosophical terms. How we remember moments from our past, our home, moments from our childhood and how these memories are never really old memories but more a new memory based on the old. I wanted to create a piece based on a childhood […]


290417 – windows and waking

Every morning before I open my eyes I see shapes of windows, sometimes appear as they should, other times distorted, fragmented, sloping and elongated I can never quite remember how to replicate this when my eyes open They are like shadows created by light in my eyes.

My zip

I remember being about 8 years old, probably still holding onto puppy chubbiness .  Mum was trying to put some second hand navy cord trouser on me. the zip was quite stiff – juddering and sticking as mum tried to zip them up on me the zip loosens, but the motion of pulling it up […]

Thoughts on memories and death

things, objeects, memories – we try to immortalise them try to gloss thema nd coat them with fondness but when the memories are destroyed by an act or a death, the memories are tarnished yet by death we try to make an idol of someone, only telling the good stories/memories gift wrapping each moment and […]