Dolls and Collage

By dipping my treasured Sindy and various other dolls from my childhood in wax – process of slowly building up layers of wax to morph the features into something odd and un doll like. Adding the cut up features of the face from fashion magazine – mixing up the “beautiful” and “beautiful” to create something […]

Dolls & arms

have been making a variety of of dolls – have also started painting/drawing with just the cut outs of eyes/mouths etc – most of the ones I have been working on are stills from films – usually a moment of fear/horror (Hitchcock).  I am finding these really useful and allow me to think more of […]

One work selected for studio crit

I chose this piece as primarily I wanted to conclude it but also I wanted to see it as a single piece.  I would also like to use the opportunity to hear views from my peers and to discuss whether the use of text would be a good idea – as I’m worried that the […]

20/10/2015 – casting – arms, hair, sewing and writing

Casting Finally managed to cast in wax today using alginite – I decided to use wax rather than plaster as I think it will work better with the hair and the properties feel more realistic and less lardy/clinical. I practiced sewing into the wax but wanted a surface mark to show under the skin too […]