Thoughts on memories and death

things, objeects, memories – we try to immortalise them try to gloss thema nd coat them with fondness but when the memories are destroyed by an act or a death, the memories are tarnished yet by death we try to make an idol of someone, only telling the good stories/memories gift wrapping each moment and […]

Pain – 15th March

pain is difficult to describe trying to eradicate yourself of this pain I’m squeezing my flesh, rubbing and ripping at my chest I’m trying to upp that out of me, remove it from my being I squeeze and pinch my skin, dig deeper and feel the muscles to grab onto My skin is red and […]

My neighbour died today – 22nd February 2016

So I just got a text to say that my neighbour has died….do I rush back?……for what?…….to see another empty body….. a cold and waxy corpse……………what’s the rush what will happen if I don’t go, will she die again? I block the pain out.  It can’t renter my body – I will not allow that. […]


Watched this really interesting piece about fear.  It had a haunting commentary throughout discussing fear, what makes us feel fear, why we seek it out, how we do it etc , through the use of various clips of horror films from across time and culture. Fascinating realisation that we create the supernatural as a way […]

20/10/2015 – casting – arms, hair, sewing and writing

Casting Finally managed to cast in wax today using alginite – I decided to use wax rather than plaster as I think it will work better with the hair and the properties feel more realistic and less lardy/clinical. I practiced sewing into the wax but wanted a surface mark to show under the skin too […]

The Birds

of the images that I printed out this animation kept my attention and although feels silly I would like to recreate this – I have loads of dolls at home so gonna give it a go – could either film or make a mechanism to make the doll move on its own