to update -Reading Group – Too Careful: Contemporary Arts Public Making – Andrea Phillips

Contemporary Arts Public Making – Andrea Phillips ‘Contemporary Opressions’ – new forms under auspices of freedom of choice divisions recreated and redefined – European democracy – embedded welfare state provision – discarded for privately capitalised/mixed economy models of cultures and social organisation -UK welfare – mid/late 70’s Margaret Thatcher “no alternative to Capitalism” Privatisation – […]

End of Semester Exhibition 3rd February 2016

  I had a nightmare trying to get the film to work but last minute it was all sorted.  I quickly turned the projector at an angle into the corner of my space and was really pleased with how it looked and sounded.  As soon as you walked into the studios you could hear the […]

Cast shoes – 22nd January 2016

I cast the shoes and bag from the charity shop – really pleased with how they came out, each shoe shows traces of use, specks of history.  They have an odd shape to them – recognisable as a shoe yet appear as if something is missing or not quite right. I decided to try and […]

Resin Cast – 26th January 2026

I decided to try and cast the baby pair of shoes in resin – the process was achieved in stages and unfortunately the first layer was distorted due to the age of the resin and the final layer cracked which was perhaps due to the reaction of pouring onto uncooled resin. I was really disappointed […]