Degree Show Set Up – more playing

The space is beginning to work together – some pipes work on their own, others talk to each other – there are assemblages of pipes and speakers and solo pieces. I have installed the sound and have played with placement and volume as I didn’t want it to be too overbearing. I have managed to […]


to update -Reading Group – Too Careful: Contemporary Arts Public Making – Andrea Phillips

Contemporary Arts Public Making – Andrea Phillips ‘Contemporary Opressions’ – new forms under auspices of freedom of choice divisions recreated and redefined – European democracy – embedded welfare state provision – discarded for privately capitalised/mixed economy models of cultures and social organisation -UK welfare – mid/late 70’s Margaret Thatcher “no alternative to Capitalism” Privatisation – […]



The term ‘home’ derived from Old Norse ‘heima’ – describes a state of being as well as a physical place – linking to the sublime Home is the junction box between our private life and our public State of being – home is the last bastion of the senses  – intimacy, comfort, privacy “All evidence […]



I have been collaborating with poet Lucy Green I have used Lucy’s poetry before in Sink Poetry Lucy and I often talk through ideas  – we explore shared themes and philosophies Her poetry is best experienced when she performs it and we have looked at various ways to make visual her poems – the voice […]


Reading Group – Mark Fisher ‘All of this is Temporary’

reading transcript of Mark Fishers talk, ‘All of this is temporary’ Zacs’ choice of reading and questioning ‘Astroballoons and Personal Bubbles and Mark Fishers, consciousness raising – its an interesting thought as to how an ‘individual’ might deal with such anxieties felt through an increased individualisation reading an extract from New Prophets of Capital by Nicole Aschoff, […]