Strategies in Work – 29/09/2015 – Neil McCleod

Fold A1 into 8 with certain directives given – firstly writing free flow followed by doing the same but with drawing which I found much harder – felt quite self conscious to begin with but really enjoyed.  We were then given time to create a book using a variety of techniques that we had used. […]

Stoner – John Williams

“It was to this pile she gave her attention.  Methodically, expressionlessly, with neither anger nor joy, she took the objects there, one by one, and destroyed them.  The letters and clothes, the stuffing from the dolls, the pin cushions and pictures, she burned in the fireplace, the clay and porcelain heads, the hands and arms […]

24/25th September wood and casting workshop

Hair is quite a daily thing for me – it gets everywhere – after the casting workshop I thought about creating a type of cats cradle installation – whereby I could either make or cast my own lower arms/hands that would be holding my hair – which over  a period of time would grow and […]

The Art of Not Making – following the 3d workshop day

I looked at The Art of Not Making: Michael Petry from the reading list and found the following work of real interest: Some interesting finds for me from the book: interesting analogy of a film director named as ‘making’ the film although a host of others help it does not discount the work of the […]

Louise bourgeious

I saw an exhibtion of Bourgeious’s work at the Tate this year and really loved these drawings and prints. In the last year I have become fascinated by the seaweed that gets washed up onto my local beaches and spend much time scouring for the deformed pieces that I salvage and bring home to draw. […]

Sketches from today

first sketches from establishing myself within the studio – have increased the size of my drawings as trying to be braver and not work on such a small scale – little steps  

Strategies in work – 3d workshop – 1st day

Having watched a video on Richard Serra and exploring his verb list we were encouraged to work collaborately with the following materials: wood, glue and tape As a group we began working individually and came together as a group.  This enabled wider experimentation and sparked different ideas which saw the structure grow.  We began to […]