The image of ‘home’ may represent a longing for a home that can never be, or one that never existed. Perhaps the reality of knowing home, feeling at home, is only ever ephemeral and fleeting. Perhaps ‘home’ is abstract – an unreal place. And the domestic operates as a signifier for absence. Domestic imagery has […]


Wizard of Oz Research

I have gone through the film and captured sound from moments to create a sound landscape (see orange book pg.50-51) with quotes and relevant sounds of importance (in particular wind, doors, windows, house landing) – intention is to create the film through sound in relation to my research of home – to play through the […]


There There

playing with Audacity  I have used the vocal of me saying, ‘There there’ and distorted, repeated and layered it into a loop to play through the pipes ‘There there’ is a term of reassurance, a repeated soft response to one who is vulnerable, hurt, distressed and in need of comfort the repetition and distortion take […]



  saw this play by Cardboard Citizens based on Cathy Come Home by Ken Loach (50 years ago) Updated version written by Ali Taylor and invited to Cornwall by St Petrocs – homeless charity based in Truro Really inspiring and emotionally charged play exploring homelessness 50 years on original play Forum Theatre format – so […]