Reading Group 270218 – Relational Aesthetics

Relational Aesthetics – Nicolas Bourriaud (1998) Relational form….http://post.thing.net/files/relationalaesthetics.pdf Notes Critical study of forms of the present product of Modernity – 20th century advancement and belief that all could be better exploitation moved – technology and progress broadening of art forms look at Plastic Fantastique – sensual material pg 7/8 – Form of the work different […]


Hadrian Pigott

Advised before to look at Pigott  in my second year and have been advised to look again – so reacquainted myself there is something quite beautiful about the objects that he makes – I enjoy their humour and immediate pleasure investigates fetishism of domestic manias and associated lunacy of consumer choice, social implications of consumption, […]


‘The Production of Subjectivity’

In this group session we are going to collectively unpack ideas found in Simon O’Sullivan’s text “The Production of Subjectivity”. Do try and read this in advance and outline any key questions you wish to discuss. In this paper, he considers theories of subjectivity, specifically the formation of subjectivities through the diverse set of relations […]


Manon de Boer

Artist Talk at Falmouth University Show two films ‘Presto‘ of a violinist shot on 35mm to achieve perfect execution of composers violin piece – which is impossible to play same frame filmed x6 times – allowed violinist to choose ‘perfect execution’ looking at construction of film as well as being seduced by music ‘Dissonance‘ – […]