• reading transcript of Mark Fishers talk, ‘All of this is temporary’
  • Zacs’ choice of reading and questioning ‘Astroballoons and Personal Bubbles and Mark Fishers, consciousness raising – its an interesting thought as to how an ‘individual’ might deal with such anxieties felt through an increased individualisation
  • reading an extract from New Prophets of Capital by Nicole Aschoff, published in The Guardian linked with both texts and potential discussion – makes an interesting read – “Oprah is appealing precisely because her stories hide the role of political, economic, and social structures. In doing so, they make the American Dream seem attainable. If we just fix ourselves, we can achieve our goals”

“We are the perfect, depoliticized, complacent neoliberal subjects”

Discussions around

  • Zabludowicz Art Trust (connections with Israeli State economics/ethics opression of Palestine) – Goldsmith’s MA Curatorial 1st year unanimously opting out of partaking in Zabludowicz offer of unpaid opportunity ‘Testing Ground for Art and Education’
  • Freelands Foundation – ethics and morals on the board – chief funder = Elizabeth Murdoch! – now appointed to Arts Council Board facilitated by Nicolas Serota and wife Teresa Gleadow (of CAST in Helston) – Freelands foundation works in partnership with CAST!
  • ARTWASHING – BP, Murdoch empire, Blavatnik
  • Owen Jones – madness – hysteria (feminism)
  • Windrush whitewash
  • Universal credit – distribution of wealth and how some countries effectively rolling this policy out
  • Consciousness raising – transformative making, collective activity, not passively accepting
  • The Force of Listening – Ch 4+5
  • Has capitalism crushed consciousness
  • technology opens up gateways of information and collective consciousness raising