Keyhole – Door knobs for film – November 2017

Bacteria tests

Thinking about the domestic and the home I wonder about the traces that people leave when they have gone they leave objects, clothes, memories and comfort they can be immortalised in photographs, film and audio, for some they can still dial into their telephone numbers and hear their answer message but what of the seat […]

Tutorial – Jesse Leroy Smith

I suggested that work I’m intending is literal – but that’s ok perhaps symbol of the confession and the screen isn’t right as it isn’t the key theme that came out of our discussion and the work the net curtains and their subtleties are more in keeping – it is the skin of the house […]


Memory Game

My research has led me to explore memory in scientific, creative and philosophical terms. How we remember moments from our past, our home, moments from our childhood and how these memories are never really old memories but more a new memory based on the old. I wanted to create a piece based on a childhood […]