Hadrian Pigott

Advised before to look at PigottĀ  in my second year and have been advised to look again – so reacquainted myself there is something quite beautiful about the objects that he makes – I enjoy their humour and immediate pleasure investigates fetishism of domestic manias and associated lunacy of consumer choice, social implications of consumption, […]

Tutorial – Andy Webster

upload work to google in new group set up get kit – test and sample – combine quickly to get all things playing together I have enough theme and object to work with get monitors – embed them in things, the floor, the walls etc ideas – use monitors with interchangeable screens using different viewing […]

Tutorial – Jesse Leroy Smith

I suggested that work I’m intending is literal – but that’s ok perhaps symbol of the confession and the screen isn’t right as it isn’t the key theme that came out of our discussion and the work the net curtains and their subtleties are more in keeping – it is the skin of the house […]