have struggled with trying to find solutions for the pendulum of knobs. I know I want to keep the audio but need to work on the form I had trialled all sorts of ways to cluster the knobs together but the fishing wire looked tacky and they were tricky to take apart. I ordered some […]


Door knob AGAR

i have successfully made an agar solution that is strong and sturdy enough to retain it’s shape over time when left uncovered and at room temperature the agar will shrivel and collapse if contained in a sealed environment then the shape and size of the agar remains I intend to cast three doorknobs from agar […]


Pendulum – Door knobs & sound

Working with the knobs and installed into a pendulum hanging from the ceiling it swings appears heavy sound is taken from news clips surrounding Weinstein news about sexual harrassment idea of each knob having own sound and to build into a cacophony of noise starting from individual sound to layer up – unable to discern […]