Tony Oursler – Empathy – Mutation – Audience

looking again at Tony Oursler – edited by Simona Lodi 1998 1970’s movement of art – with a generation formed by media of TV – ‘form follows content‘ disenchanted with TV as an object celebrated by previous generation of artists (Nam June Paik etc) “…converting a household appliance into art whereas, I felt like the […]


Reference new study block

I have started to looking at Isabel Nuno Del Buen as I am interested in the way she uses line and drawing with object within a space.  I had been looking at Georges Perec in his descriptions and uses for a domestic space and was considering using his observations and findings of how one uses […]

The Curatorial Turn

The Curatorial Turn: From Practice to Discourse by Paul O’Neil (2006)   Discussed during this weeks workshop on Curating/ Curatorial Practice – Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism – Is there no alternative?   Additional reading – The Curatorial Turn. The Death of the Author, Roland Barthes 1967 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a2LYacetDs1yArRu-kOFtvU6-nYDXEky  


Door knob AGAR

i have successfully made an agar solution that is strong and sturdy enough to retain it’s shape over time when left uncovered and at room temperature the agar will shrivel and collapse if contained in a sealed environment then the shape and size of the agar remains I intend to cast three doorknobs from agar […]


Pendulum – Door knobs & sound

Working with the knobs and installed into a pendulum hanging from the ceiling it swings appears heavy sound is taken from news clips surrounding Weinstein news about sexual harrassment idea of each knob having own sound and to build into a cacophony of noise starting from individual sound to layer up – unable to discern […]