saw this play by Cardboard Citizens based on Cathy Come Home by Ken Loach (50 years ago) Updated version written by Ali Taylor and invited to Cornwall by St Petrocs – homeless charity based in Truro Really inspiring and emotionally charged play exploring homelessness 50 years on original play Forum Theatre format – so […]


Research of the Domestic and the Sublime

researching around the domestic and found writings around the sublime of the domestic ‘sub’ latin meaning – ‘up to’ ‘limen’ meaning – ‘threshold’ or ‘lintel’ – suggesting that the sublime stops or starts at the entrance and/or exit of the home looking at origins of term, language, theory, abstract expression and contemporary art Sublime – […]


Agent of Salt

agent for a piece of work for Gary Marshall-Stevens Covered in black fabric with a projection overhead, unable to see but just to react with the objects within my reach with the one arm I am able to use the objects included fabric, a metal tin and a pile of salt instinctively I played with […]


Psycho Buildings and sketches

discovered book: Psycho Buildings – Brian Dillon, Professor Jane Rendell, Ralph Rugoff, 2008 which has some great work by artists in relationship with architecture including Rachel Whiteread, Mike Nelson, Los Carpinteros what interests me is the correlation between emotion and place – inanimate and animate – I reflect back to Hitchcock and the presence and […]


Reading Group – Curation as an active verb

Looking again at RAQS Collective Raqs Media Collective founded 1992, in Delhi Raqs Media Collective (Monica Narula, Jeebesh Bagchi & Shuddhabrata Sengupta) follows its self-declared imperative of ‘kinetic contemplation’ to produce a trajectory that is restless in its forms and methods, yet concise with the infra procedures that it invents. The collective makes contemporary art, […]


Raspberry Pie

Meet Dave Griffiths and show him my plans for installation and run through some ideas including having sensors to trigger sound and also ability to record audience and playback buy raspberry pie – comes with Scratch programme – which is easy to use look at magnet or light sensors possibility of setting up microphone from […]