Tutorial – 27/09/2016

discussed the eating filming that I have been doing – think about using the films as I have the collage, layers and layers of film use final cut to edit and quick time to capture new film clips make all the stuff that I am thinking of environments and objects in space get old pipes/drains […]

Reflection – 11th April

have plenty of ideas but worry about the finality of them look amataeurish or unfinished my confidence has taken some knocks and I’m feeling out of my depth yet I feel what is important is what I feel like creating insinctively – these images of distortions Zips & Objects – what is my attachment to […]

Studio Crit – 15th March

Oscar Shlema -costumes Political kitchen – Martha Rosler take picture of grater in normal places I felt really unprepared for the crit due to moving house and also due to previous studio crit which was very quiet and not very constructive.  I quickly attached a rope to my grater so that would be the piece […]

Reflection – 25th March

have been in workshop making molds and wax casts of dolls arms created a ball of arms – reminds me of a jack from a childhood game – would like to roll but is very fragile interested in mixing up materials to use metal with the wax to make playful objects enjoy the art of […]


Watched this really interesting piece about fear.  It had a haunting commentary throughout discussing fear, what makes us feel fear, why we seek it out, how we do it etc , through the use of various clips of horror films from across time and culture. Fascinating realisation that we create the supernatural as a way […]

Reflection 12/11/2015

Having had to clear my space is both positive and negative made me think about what I don’t need anymore or want gives clarity and space to work I worry that I will forget or lose certain ideas as visually not there I have by chance, been reading a book I got by mistake from […]

20/10/2015 – casting – arms, hair, sewing and writing

Casting Finally managed to cast in wax today using alginite – I decided to use wax rather than plaster as I think it will work better with the hair and the properties feel more realistic and less lardy/clinical. I practiced sewing into the wax but wanted a surface mark to show under the skin too […]