Artist Statement

“In dreams, nothing is lost. Childhood homes, the dead, lost toys all appear with a vividness your waking mind could not achieve. Nothing is lost but you yourself, wanderer in a terrain where even the most familiar places aren’t quite themselves and open onto the impossible.” Rebecca Solnit – A Field Guide to Getting Lost […]

Tutorial 210217

NEED TO ADD FILM i was feeling very unconfident and amateur about the work that I had done leading up to this tutorial –  I felt I had failed in some way to achieve the work I wanted. I made a conscious effort to try to use the tutorial for group feedback to help get […]

reflections – ideas & thoughts 090217

started making house in workshop with the idea of making a translucent house to fill with dirt/mud – spent all afternoon making slabs of clay, shaping, carving with the intention of pouring resin into slaps to construct house worked all afternoon and then with one trip dropped the whole lot on the floor into a […]

LOST – Thoughts 030217

I need to hone in & focus Time & place are eternal in fairytales – solutions and happy endings are only reached through suffering woods – symbolism house – poetics fairytale – psychology I’m struggling with how to define or keep some boundary around my thinking perhaps simplify it to thinking about dual roles, 2 […]