• Oscar Shlema -costumes
  • Political kitchen – Martha Rosler
  • take picture of grater in normal places

I felt really unprepared for the crit due to moving house and also due to previous studio crit which was very quiet and not very constructive.  I quickly attached a rope to my grater so that would be the piece to talk about

It was good to have time to write and look at other peoples work in silence.  The feedback was much more constructive this time, and people were given the opportunity to talk about each other’s work before the artist could speak.  Which, I guess, is how we view work in gallery spaces.  People often make their own meaning and interpretations to what they see, and some of these reinforced some ideas/themes that I had intended – game, society, political kitchen

notes from others when viewing the work:

  • like a game, politics/chess, engaging in politics, humourous, funny, ironic
  • politics is shredding our world
  • life is like a game the politicians play
  • if place on own in a room could be an installation
  • good use of an everyday object to tackle our everyday politicians
  • scraping everything to small pieces
  • quite agressive
  • making jokes of politicians
  • Cameron grating the country, ironic
  • rope – link to hanging/noose
  • political kitchen
  • good to see as an installation – what would you choose to grate
  • use on other everyday objects