101216 – Daphne Wright Exhibition Review & Spike Island

Daphne Wright – Emotional Archaeology Arnolfini Bristol December 2016 As you walk into the Gallery’s first room you are stumped by the majestic white stallion splayed on the floor (Figure 1). Fallen from its commanding stature with all its undercarriage on display, you start to explore what you think is there.  This isn’t a horse […]

Occupy Space – Collage 3

I feel that the large collages have become more successful by removing aspects that were perhaps more obvious or not helping.  I have steered away from repeating the tile pattern and incorporated the pipes and portals but transferred the woods into the imagery.  One portal is now a door – a door is used in […]

Into the Woods #4 – 031216

I felt so relaxed on this install and found that through practice I have been able to make considered visual decisions that look more successful than previous installs.  There was a real flow of line which felt more natural amongst the setting.  As I was working the material moved and wobbled with the trees and […]

Tutorial – 151116

Key points and things to think about Woods – think about bringing the woods inside – project images onto objects of print out large, or collage – is the plastic wrap important?  – I will start to look at ways to bring the woods inside in some way by way of projection and installation – […]

Occupy Space – Collage 2

Feel that this is an improved piece from the previous large collage – I have steered clear of using images of bodily parts or obvious images and have incorporated parts of pipes and voids/holes. Used varnish to create an additional layer as I have in the smaller collages in the woods next time I will […]

Tutorial – 8th November – Jesse Leroy Smith

Mainly discussed the time lapse video of the installation in the wood – here are some points to think about think about date, time of day looks like drawing tight, taught works loose film looks tacky – agreed it doesn’t work – looks too much like the material woods – timeless, historical, melancholy, no time […]