Dolls & arms

have been making a variety of of dolls – have also started painting/drawing with just the cut outs of eyes/mouths etc – most of the ones I have been working on are stills from films – usually a moment of fear/horror (Hitchcock).  I am finding these really useful and allow me to think more of […]


Fears of being boring zips heights dying living loss ridiculed whispering Been looking into objects more and thinking how some of the ideas that I want to visualise have a playful toy/like feel to them.  I found the following toys from Japan which have quite strange formations, colours and features mixed up with some human […]

Reflection – 25th March

have been in workshop making molds and wax casts of dolls arms created a ball of arms – reminds me of a jack from a childhood game – would like to roll but is very fragile interested in mixing up materials to use metal with the wax to make playful objects enjoy the art of […]

Ideas & sketchbook

Zips hang grater from ceiling build wendy house – metal rods for construct support – cover in cardboard – paint comically and record sounds, whispering, laughing, play inside, one seat paint body close up, squeezing, pinching develop crashing – practice hitting with force against different materials to see effects face swaps onto dolls and with […]

Research – 19th Feb 2016

  Oscar Kokoshcka March 1885 – February 1980 was an Austrian artist, poet and playwright.  In 1928 he commissioned a doll maker to recreate his muse/love into a lifesize doll.  He insisted on details and went to great lengths to the specifications of her curves and feel and the texture of her skin.  The doll […]