14th February reflect and research

have been researching types of movie/images that appeal to me and have added a few really enjoyed the Quay Brothers animations  for their content and the way in which they animate and mix stop frame black and white with colour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtT3e3exJA0

Reflect and do – 25th January 2016

order metal rods to make large cheese grater started to make maquette for bird wings for second grater – have researched kinetic wings and found a perfect design which I am trying to recreate and adapt (www.mymodernnet.com) looked at using balsa wood, cables/buttons, string/cables – looked at elastic band wind up mechanism. decided to make […]


Watched this really interesting piece about fear.¬† It had a haunting commentary throughout discussing fear, what makes us feel fear, why we seek it out, how we do it etc , through the use of various clips of horror films from across time and culture. Fascinating realisation that we create the supernatural as a way […]

Reading week

  I would love to make more casts of arms and legs but cannot afford to spend money on alginate – I looked for cheap and easy ways to take casts and saw a u tube of creating form using cling film and sellotape to wrap around limbs – made quite a few but not […]

20/10/2015 – casting – arms, hair, sewing and writing

Casting Finally managed to cast in wax today using alginite – I decided to use wax rather than plaster as I think it will work better with the hair and the properties feel more realistic and less lardy/clinical. I practiced sewing into the wax but wanted a surface mark to show under the skin too […]