I have been constructing the base for crazy golf with the idea to hang grater from the ceiling to hover over the base. The base is of wood and going to be painted bright colours like real crazy golf.

It has a funnel attached so that the audience can play the game.  I am toying with the idea of writing on the golf balls but am aware that this could be too obvious and literal.

However, i feel all too often that the audience can feel excluded from exhibitions by their fear of a lack of understanding.  By making it a game creates a diversion of thinking they have to understand it. Perhaps if I give the audience the choice which ball they choose, it is up to them to think about which ball they choose. The choose lower, middle, upper?

By choosing, they can think why they chose and perhaps link it to why/who they choose in reality – making it inclusive

  • need to look into colours used
  • could build a whole crazy golf course – links with punch and judy/fairground/beachfront – this is what it makes me think of – this link to fairground/childhood links in with the dolls too.
  • crazy golf is the working class golf
  • reminds me of the old piers/promenades of Brighton/Worthing – 2p slot machines and games, old wooden boards, palm readers, scary exhibits, eerie, unerving yet bright and neon – freakshow – worthing glass cabinets with stuffed monkeys playing the monkeys song

Grater in the Woods images