Reflection – 25th March

have been in workshop making molds and wax casts of dolls arms created a ball of arms – reminds me of a jack from a childhood game – would like to roll but is very fragile interested in mixing up materials to use metal with the wax to make playful objects enjoy the art of […]

My neighbour died today – 22nd February 2016

So I just got a text to say that my neighbour has died….do I rush back?……for what?…….to see another empty body….. a cold and waxy corpse……………what’s the rush what will happen if I don’t go, will she die again? I block the pain out.  It can’t renter my body – I will not allow that. […]


Trip to the second hand shop to pick up some shoes ready to cast. I felt a bit odd about picking up the shoes that will have no practical purpose.  I think it will be good for me to step away from direct personal memory – perhaps a way to work that may be easier […]

Daphne and the Gribben

Again using text of a story began to create the story of Daphne and the Gribben – a story of an amazing lady and the story that I remember from my childhood.  It took a different shape to what I intended but I felt that the idea I had didn’t translate well.  Would like to […]


Watched this really interesting piece about fear.  It had a haunting commentary throughout discussing fear, what makes us feel fear, why we seek it out, how we do it etc , through the use of various clips of horror films from across time and culture. Fascinating realisation that we create the supernatural as a way […]

20/10/2015 – casting – arms, hair, sewing and writing

Casting Finally managed to cast in wax today using alginite – I decided to use wax rather than plaster as I think it will work better with the hair and the properties feel more realistic and less lardy/clinical. I practiced sewing into the wax but wanted a surface mark to show under the skin too […]