• researching around the domestic and found writings around the sublime of the domestic
  • ‘sub’ latin meaning – ‘up to’
  • ‘limen’ meaning – ‘threshold’ or ‘lintel’ – suggesting that the sublime stops or starts at the entrance and/or exit of the home
  • looking at origins of term, language, theory, abstract expression and contemporary art

Sublime – any attempt to frame, contain or give form to the sublime will fail – which makes me think of where it can be found? is it seen, is it our environment, a thought? or is it our sensation to something that makes it sublime?

Domestic – meanings of control, tame, trivial, safety, cosiness – not a compliment – if we are to ‘domesticate’ and animal we are taking it out of its’ natural habitat and moulding it to coexist with our predisposed environment

The domestic causes a discomfort in the Fine Arts – it is the opposite – ‘the domestic has been the uncanny other to the sublime’

‘Modernist film embraced the ‘kitchen sink’ as a scene of gritty realist drama – art didn’t.’

‘domestic….remains….a crucial site of anxiety and subversion’ Not at Home. Christopher Reed


Parallels of these themes can be explored in The Wizard of Oz – the dullness of Kansas verses the technicolour of Oz

Research Longinus, Burke

Kant – talking of the female, De Ch√Ętelet, that a woman discoursing learnedly about mathematics “might as well have a beard”!!!!!!!!!! would love to do a video of me growing a beard