Woods Photo Etching – 1116

I had originally decided to get two large photo etchings of the woods.  I discussed this with Lucy and I had set out the above images for her opinion on which ones to choose.  She suggested that they would probably work better as a series of smaller etchings – I decided to etch the above […]

Don’t Eat With Your Mouth Open!

And Stop smacking your lips   Everyday object of the cutlery and association with food and eating Still have yet to edit my video on eating but not quite sure if it’s time well spent at present Initially I squashed my own cutlery with the hope of printing with items from my own kitchen – […]

Tutorial – 8th November – Jesse Leroy Smith

Mainly discussed the time lapse video of the installation in the wood – here are some points to think about think about date, time of day looks like drawing tight, taught works loose film looks tacky – agreed it doesn’t work – looks too much like the material woods – timeless, historical, melancholy, no time […]

19/02/2016 – Reflection

GRATER am in workshop constructing the grater which is quite time involved – am exploring different possibilites and finding ways in which to achieve best result pleased so far with how it looks – the effect of punching holes into the steel has created a look from the back of something softer like a mattress […]

Memory – Nana’s Room

This piece has stemmed from the idea of creating memory.  Although on it’s own it is a pretty floral print perhaps, it is however, a strong visual image of a room in a house that has many memories and feelings for me and my sisters.  This is a recreation of the wallpaper in my Nana’s […]

Strategies in work – 3d workshop – 1st day

Having watched a video on Richard Serra and exploring his verb list we were encouraged to work collaborately with the following materials: wood, glue and tape As a group we began working individually and came together as a group.  This enabled wider experimentation and sparked different ideas which saw the structure grow.  We began to […]