I have been thinking about ways in which to bring the woods inside.  I have tried ways to project onto made dolls houses and objects and am currently trying to find a way to project into a barrel and larger boxes so that the viewer can use a periscope to look in to see the projection.  I have spent a lot of time trying to get these to work but have failed so far!

I find the play of bringing the infinite woods inside an intimate space really interesting and slightly disconcerting.  For the time being I have made a box and fashioned it into a house.  The image of the house I chose was a play on the fairytale fantasy of house/home – so rather than choose a beautiful period house I chose a derelict council house.  I have used a still image on this piece and will experiment further with projecting moving film inside it also.

This image of house is also in use in the print room as I have now cut my plate  into seperate pieces and am playing with the composition to create more houses.

I like the idea that the viewer can see themselves looking back at themselves peeping into somebodies house.