I was relatively happy with how this worked yet if it was to be installed in other places I would need to adjust the light and safety! Taking the moving image and allowing a domestic object show it perhaps allows the viewer to question memory of a well known scene and how they remember it for themselves in context to where they were when they heard/saw it. Adding layers of distortion or change to what is expected accesses the viewers to remember differently and perhaps think of the words in different contexts – what is home? are we in the right place? did we choose the right reality? and where is home?

  • I sourced an old door and after many attempts at a perfect resin doorknob (cast with a hollow that is just the right size for a projection to travel through! – and I mean days!) – I made one that worked.
  • I attached the door at angles using fishing wire and brackets on the bottom corner and installed in my studio
  • the door is a heavy original door and is very heavy – if i was install anywhere I would need to make a heavy duty brace to angle the door at the bottom