• I have been exploring the idea of sound as another layer to my objects. Artists that have been recommended and that I feel reflect my intentions are Susan Hiller’s work ‘Witness’ (2000)

    susan hiller witness susan hiller witness sing;e

  • Julianne Swartz – How Deep is your Love – 2003

julianne swartz funnel

  • I have ordered some contact speakers of various sizes to use with objects
  • wired some up to home amp and phone
  • phone is way too quiet so will look into using an amp to play with
  • tried the sounds out inside objects such as: cups, jars, dolls and welly boots
  • experimented with sound inside the pvc waste pipes I had used previously – got me thinking about installing on a larger scale with fractured sounds
  • the fractured sounds sit conceptually within my exploration of the fractures of memory  – the broken, fragmented, distorted or reconstituted sounds are akin to the memories that we retrieve and play out