Dolls and Collage

By dipping my treasured Sindy and various other dolls from my childhood in wax – process of slowly building up layers of wax to morph the features into something odd and un doll like. Adding the cut up features of the face from fashion magazine – mixing up the “beautiful” and “beautiful” to create something […]

End of First Year Show

I enjoyed exhibiting the piece in this way and found it amusing that people played with it. I volunteered to be part of the curatorial team to manage the First Year Exhibition.  It was a really strong team and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of how the show would look and organising artists to take […]

19/02/2016 – Reflection

GRATER am in workshop constructing the grater which is quite time involved – am exploring different possibilites and finding ways in which to achieve best result pleased so far with how it looks – the effect of punching holes into the steel has created a look from the back of something softer like a mattress […]