• I have gone through the film and captured sound from moments to create a sound landscape (see orange book pg.50-51) with quotes and relevant sounds of importance (in particular wind, doors, windows, house landing) – intention is to create the film through sound in relation to my research of home – to play through the pipes

Wizard of Oz – Salman Rushdie

re-read Rushdie’s book and follows key notes and quotes for my thinking and work (page 62 – 65 orange book)

“the past is a country from which we have all emigrated, that its loss is part of our common humanity… And it is this loss that we share”. (Salman Rushdie)

  • Dorothy is a gale – a tornado tearing through Kansas
  • “What she expresses here, what she embodies with the purity of an archetype, is the human dream of leaving, a dream at least as powerful as its contervailing dream of roots. At the heart of the Wizard of Oz is a great tension between these two dreams; into the anguished longings of the ong, can anyone doubt which message is stronger?”
  • “‘Over the Rainbow’ is, or ought to be the anthem of all the worlds migrants, all those who go in search of the place where ‘the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.”
  • – current migrant crisis and language used to describe ‘ humans’ as ‘swarms’ or ‘cockroaches’.
  • Dorothy and the Wizard – ” these two immigrants have adopted opposite strategies of survival in a new and strange land…. Dorothy has been unfailingly polite, careful, courteously ‘small and meek’, whereas the Wizard has been fire and smoke…… both find out that their meekness isn’t enough and hot air isn’t all it should be”.

Doors and windows feature heavily from the tornado approaching until Dorothy steps out in Oz -she doesn’t step through an interior until she reaches the Emerald City –  adding to displacement  as she doesn’t have a roof over her head from then until the city.