Ideas & sketchbook

Zips hang grater from ceiling build wendy house – metal rods for construct support – cover in cardboard – paint comically and record sounds, whispering, laughing, play inside, one seat paint body close up, squeezing, pinching develop crashing – practice hitting with force against different materials to see effects face swaps onto dolls and with […]


how does self loathing make it feel any better if pain was an object what would it look like, what would you do with it? Watched “Wild” by Jean-Marc Vallée  – amazingly powerful and honest film or death, loss, destruction and self loathing

Generator 24/11/2015

I really like this idea of stepping out from what you are working on to take on a different project/different set of instructions.  It generated so many ideas and I am definately going to carry some out.  It might be good for me to perhaps prepare myself one set of instructions per week and become […]