I had been reflecting on works that I have made since I started at Falmouth and the Grater as a piece and also as a domestic object keep coming back to me.

My work is rooted in the ‘home’  – this home is considered an everyday, immaterial concept in some ways – yet the home is our nest, our beginning and our everyday leads to the extraordinary.

I want my work to reflect this in some way. The Grater piece took a very long time to make and I have been trying to find solutions to overcome this.  What if I were to use objects of the home that were disused, fridges, ovens, utensils and to manipulate these objects with the materials that I use such as wallpaper, piping, floor covering and film.  I could project films into and onto these objects and spaces. I think of Tony Oursler’s projection work and the glitching effects of film onto object.