Fears of being boring zips heights dying living loss ridiculed whispering Been looking into objects more and thinking how some of the ideas that I want to visualise have a playful toy/like feel to them.  I found the following toys from Japan which have quite strange formations, colours and features mixed up with some human […]

Studio Crit – 15th March

Oscar Shlema -costumes Political kitchen – Martha Rosler take picture of grater in normal places I felt really unprepared for the crit due to moving house and also due to previous studio crit which was very quiet and not very constructive.  I quickly attached a rope to my grater so that would be the piece […]

Reflection – 25th March

have been in workshop making molds and wax casts of dolls arms created a ball of arms – reminds me of a jack from a childhood game – would like to roll but is very fragile interested in mixing up materials to use metal with the wax to make playful objects enjoy the art of […]

14th February reflect and research

have been researching types of movie/images that appeal to me and have added a few really enjoyed the Quay Brothers animations  for their content and the way in which they animate and mix stop frame black and white with colour