Occupy Space – Collage 3

I feel that the large collages have become more successful by removing aspects that were perhaps more obvious or not helping.  I have steered away from repeating the tile pattern and incorporated the pipes and portals but transferred the woods into the imagery.  One portal is now a door – a door is used in […]

Artists Research – 1116

Midori Harima I came across Harima’s work and found it quite interestingly disturbing.  I am enjoying the collage work that I am doing and want to push it further – the use of real 2d photographic images manipulated onto 3d figures transform the figures into drawings with disturbances and a glitchy feel about them. Mariele Neudecker […]

Occupy Space – Collage 2

Feel that this is an improved piece from the previous large collage – I have steered clear of using images of bodily parts or obvious images and have incorporated parts of pipes and voids/holes. Used varnish to create an additional layer as I have in the smaller collages in the woods next time I will […]

Old Brighton Family Calender

Am creating different images on top of an old calendar that hung in our family kitchen in Brighton Using a mixture of different materials, collage, paint, photographs and other objects I intend to rework the whole calendar. As I work on each piece I look back at the events that have taken place and revisit old […]

Play – occupy

another day and faced with some focus points previously on wall – using tape I went about occupying the corner of the studio the shadows created interest me I drew with pen on some to enforce the idea of line and drawing