• I find the play of scale with the use of the dolls house really useful
  • They are enabling me to create an aesthetic that plays with memory, space, disturbance
  • I edited a film together with I Movie of the footage that I projected onto the house – the films I used were the ones of my installations in the woods along with some portrait filming. ┬áThe quality gets distorted as I am filming a projection of films that I have taken of my installations. ┬áThe layering is quite playful and the aesthetic adds to the distortion of imagery.
  • I wanted to have something ready to show for my tutorial – I am aware that the film I took was very long and that some shots were very wobbly

I also have felt that I am missing drawing and collaging. I find that by going back to my drawing and collage ideas are easily generate and this led me to the layering of the video and projections that I took.