Started researching for my essay and below are just some key notes (Oursler talking) from a conversation between Tony Oursler and Dan Graham from the Book – Tony Oursler – 20-21 Collection 2001 – Elizabeth Janus & Gloria Moure

“more interested in trying to the take the soap-operatic or, as you put it, mythic reality aspect of TV and playing with that.  That’s where the ghoulishness comes in.”

“interest in tension – high versus low art”

pg285- “wanted to take a drawing and turn it into a moving image, …animate the painting. Painting was a sort of instant connection to the brain through the hand.”

“to distort is very human”

“Satan played a big part in my religious education

“new things and advances in technology seem to be associated with the devil”

“fantasy is my religion. The everyday sum of the difference between fantasy and reality”

“flowers always have been the feminine symbol but its a free floating signifier – the symbol of a lost family unit really”

“scale is all in the mind, that’s where everything finds its true dimension”